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WG: new release: ILWIS 3.8 beta 2

Ann Hitchcock

***sorry for any cross postings***


Dear 52ners,


The ILWIS community announces a new beta release of ILWIS 3.8. The main focus of this version continues to be visualization and the bulk of the changes can be found there. There are additional significant changes concerning base maps, color composites and Hovmoller diagrams to name a few. For more details, please check the Change log (http://52north.org/communities/ilwis/changelog) and the blog (http://blog.52north.org/2011/10/31/beta-2/).


Download ILWIS 3.8. beta2 here: http://52north.org/downloads/ilwis/ilwis-308beta-2


ILWIS website: http://52north.org/communities/ilwis/

public mailing list: http://list.52north.org/mailman/listinfo/ilwis

forum: http://ilwis.forum.52north.org/


best regards,

Ann Hitchcock


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