Provision of MSG-3 data via EUMETCast - GEONETCast

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Provision of MSG-3 data via EUMETCast - GEONETCast

Ann Hitchcock

As of January 19, 2013, EUMETSAT started to operationally disseminate images and derived products from MSG-3. Due to the use of this new operational satellite, the file name conventions have changed. A new data manager configuration file [1] has been created in which entries to MSG2 have been changed to MSG?

Use a text editor to open the new data manager file and check the occurrence of “MSG?”. Please be reminded that you must adapt the folder location of your “\Received” and “output” directories according to your own specifications in order to use this configuration file at your location. If you are licensed to other services, whose entries are not provided in the file (e.g. for the MDD services), please add these entries using copy and paste from the data manager configuration file used locally.

These changes must also be implemented in the toolbox plug-ins, such as GEONETCast Toolbox. Check the MSG2 entry and change it to MSG? in these batch routines. The MPEF product import and LRIT image import routines are also affected. New toolbox releases will be published shortly to enable seamless import operations.

The MSG data retriever can be operated as usual. When selecting “Satellite”, please specify “MSG2”. MSG3 raw satellite data is also retrieved and correctly processed.



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