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ILWIS Toolboxes for processing EUMETCast ? GEONETCast data

Ann Hitchcock

Dear Lists,

The Earth Observation Community continues to develop toolboxes for accessing EUMETCast – GEONETCast data (satellite and environmental data and/or resulting products) and supporting their subsequent, efficient geospatial processing with ILWIS. A new toolbox specifically for Ethiopian data is now available and the existing AMESD-SADC (for South African data) and ISOD Toolboxes have been updated. 

The Water and Food Security – Ethiopia Toolbox (WFS-E toolbox) manages the incoming data stream (Ethiopian data for Water and Food Security monitoring and analysis) and enables the import of the data in to a GIS-RS environment for visualization and further analysis. Additionally, relevant GEONETCast data can be pre-processed for use in the Livelihood, Early Assessment and Protection (LEAP: software. Routines are available to ingest the Meteorological Data Dissemination (MDD) Service data for use at the regional level. The National Meteorological Agency, the Ministry of Agriculture and the World Food Program Ethiopia country office collaborated with the EO community on this development.

This first version of the Water and Food Security - Ethiopia Toolbox is a plug-in for ILWIS 3.7.2, but can also be used as an ILWIS 3.8 plug-in, provided that the appropriate EO-Toolbox.dll ( is loaded. An installation and user guide provides information for easy installation and use of the toolbox.

The AMESD-SADC Toolbox V1.2 includes various new batch import routines allowing users to import additional data for the SADC thematic action agriculture and drought services.

The ISOD Toolbox 1.1 menu structure has been modified substantially to accommodate a number of new data retrieval – import routines. The Web Mapping Services now focus on retrieval of data sets that are not imported into an ILWIS data format. The data is visualized using IrfanView of Panoply. All other routines extract multitemporal data, which is subsequently transformed into an ILWIS data format for further analysis. In addition, all routines first run a check to see if the data is available from the archives. If this is not the case, the user is informed about the missing data and can abort the import procedure. The Installation and User Guide has also been updated to reflect the changes incorporated.

Best regards,

Ann Hitchcock


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