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ILWIS Tool boxes - adjustments and updates!

Ann Hitchcock

Dear Lists,

The GEONETCast Toolbox version 1.6 [1] comprises a number of new routines for processing data products, importing and visualizing earth observation data. All batch routines have been updated to reflect the changes in GEONETCast. In addition, the User Guide [2] has been updated accordingly. Check the Change log [3] for more information.

The ISOD Toolbox version 1.4 [4] contains several new resources, as well as a number of additional routines, such as the import and radiometric calibration of LANDSAT 8, partial import of large GEOTIF and SHAPE files, NOAA STAR Vegetation products (time series), CHIRPS global rainfall, POWER and CPC Global Forecasting System. More information can be found in the Change log [5]. Download the updated User Guide [6].

The menu structure of the WFS-Ethiopia (WFS-E) Toolbox version 1.3 [7] has been slightly modified to reflect changes due to the availability of new data disseminated through EUMETCast-GEONETCast. Various new import routines enable access to the new data. New processing routines are also available. Check the Change log [8] for more information.  Don't forget to download the updated User Guide [9]!


Best regards,
Ann Hitchcock
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